Europe and the Coming Caliphate

Three articles posted by the Gates of Vienna about the last book of Bat Ye’or commented by the German author Hans-Peter Raddatz are hereby recommended: the Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV.

However, we would point out that the Islamization of Europe is a political way founded by the mentors of the European Union to institutionalize a totalitarian form of laicism, as we can see today through François Hollande’s policies in France.

This new barbaric form of laicism uses the allegedly “need to repress the Islamic cultural phenomena” — such as the well-known Islamic humiliation of women, for example — to repress also the public visibility of christian manifestations according to a healthy secularism.

The European Union is mutating from the traditional secularism which we can find, for instance, in the USA, to a barbaric form of laicism which tends to impel and restrict, by means of the brutal force of the State, the christian religion cultural manifestations to the confinements of the citizen’s household privacy.

Behind this deliberate European Union policy of “tolerance” towards Islam is a much wide policy of repression of the cultural and traditional European Christianity itself, maneuvered by the political contra-nature alliance between the most radical masonry and Jacobins who run this European Union, on one hand, and the actual heirs of Nazism, on the other hand.


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