OECD is publishing reports before publishing those reports

Some Portuguese newspapers which are ideologically connected to the “Goldman Sach’s government” of prime-minister Passos Coelho, seem to know, today and in detail, the contents of technical economical reports demanded by the Portuguese government to IMF and/or OECD, although those reports will be issued in three months time from now.

This may seem absurd, but some Portuguese newspapers published today an economic study, allegedly to be issued by OECD in the future, that will be made out by this international organization in three months time. In fact, it is absurd.

The scheme works like this:

1/ the Portuguese government makes a draft of an economical study according to its ideologically assumptions;

2/ the government sends the draft to some newspapers informing that an economical study will be demanded to OECD or/and IMF, and that those international organizations agree in advance with that government draft;

3/ the newspapers publish the government draft, saying that “this is the opinion of OECD that will be publicly issued in three months from now”. So, in fact, the opinion of OECD does not officially exist yet.


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