There’s a war going on between Germany and Portugal

Germany has declared an economic war against Portugal. Nobel Prize Paul Krugman, addressing to the Portuguese people, put it simply: “Just say No!”

The intention of Germany is to humiliate Portugal and the Portuguese people. From Germany’s side, there’s no interest to solve economical and financial problems anymore: Angela Merkel’s wishes toward Portugal became part of a nepotist and supremacist political agenda, in what classical philosophy calls a “Gratuitous Act”.

A Gratuitous Act is performed without any other purpose but as a result of a caprice of the moment, although a premeditated and thoroughly thought caprice, representing a totally arbitrary wish. The purpose of a Gratuitous Act is that of affirming someone’s powerful freedom against all morality and, if necessary, against Reason itself. The political attitude of Germany towards Portugal is a Gratuitous Act.

The consequences of Germany’s policies — using the European Central Bank and the European Commission against Portugal — will endure for decades in Portuguese people’s memory. This is a war that will still be there even when it ends. There’s a civilization fracture going on that will put apart both Portuguese and German peoples for a long time to come.


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