The Portuguese politicians think that being a bastard is very ‘cool’

The Portuguese politicians decided that a child does not need a father and a mother. Therefore, by means of a new law, Portuguese children may now be adopted or fostered by couples of “married” homosexuals.

The new law is conceived in name of equality: gay couples should be equal to natural couples, in-spite of a new inequality status created at the children level, because many children will be dispossessed of their genealogical lineage. The new law legitimates and celebrates the status of a bastard. Being a bastard is now considered a very good thing by the Portuguese politicians.

And because the new flourishing increasing-numbered little bastards should be protected and celebrated, the Portuguese politicians have now a good justification to culturally and politically repress the vast majority of the Portuguese people, by means of politicizing and repressing the educational system and schools which should remain “pre-political” (as correctly stated by Hannah Arendt).

So, you see how defending equality, in some cases, can lead to inequality, injustice and to tyranny.


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