Some women ain’t blonds

«GOD did not realize when he created the world out of pure nothingness, when he dignified human nature above all else, when he entered into history to become an actual human being, when he offered salvation and eternal bliss to both men and women, when he spoke in the person of Jesus Christ to men and women on the shores of the Galilee, when he miraculously cured women of sickness, when he himself suffered torment and murder, when he further elevated all of nature by entering into inanimate existence in the form of simple unleavened bread and offered this miracle of deepest and most tender affection for both men and women to enjoy for all of time, or when he inspired female saints to mystical visions and self-sacrifice, that he was not creating a “profound theology of the woman.”

Fortunately, Pope Francis has assured us that the Novus Ordo Church can come up with something more profound than all this. In his recent interview, he stated: “We have to work harder to develop a profound theology of the woman.”»

The Thinking Housewife › It Ain’t Profound Enough for Women


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