Belgium ought to be expelled from the European Union


“I have previously documented Belgium’s meteoric rise to become the euthanasia capital of Europe and its grisly descent down the slippery slope. Now the country is moving to allow euthanasia for sick children. The measure has already passed by 50 votes to 17 in Belgium’s upper house and only needs a vote in the lower house to pass fully into law. The Belgian government announced yesterday that the debate on the child euthanasia bill, in the Chamber of Deputies, will occur on 12 February.”

Belgian Parliament on verge of fully legalizing child euthanasia with final vote on 13 February

Belgium is a barbaric state and country. By sanctioning this type of law, the Belgian people is barbaric too. There is no space for barbarisms in the European Union. Nazi policies, like children euthanasia, should be treated as they are: Nazi policies. Period.

In case Belgium is not expelled from the European Union, then the civilized European countries should leave the Union. We, Europeans, cannot condone barbarism and uncivilization. Belgium should be ostracized, restricted to a corner, like we do to a wild animal on the loose.


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